It is always exciting to see updated products for the color management industry.  X-rite updated the previous i1 Display 2 to integrate with the new i1 Profiler software.  X-Rite’s newly designed colorimeter is called the i1 Display Pro.  We are receiving our initial shipment the week of July 18th here at

The improved user interface through i1 Profiler is certainly a nice upgrade to the previous wizard based Eye One Match.  The new feature that really hits home with us is the ability to choose ADC or Automatic Display Control.  Why is this important?  Certain LCD monitors such as Apple iMac’s, Apple Cinema Displays, and laptops do not have the ability to adjust contrast and RGB values.  Also monitors can be manufactured to be incredibly bright which has been the direct cause of prints coming out too dark.  ADC allows the software to access the monitor controls to pin down your set parameters that you were not able to in the past.  Say goodbye to dark prints on your overly bright display.  This is a groundbreaking feature in our opinion. 

Another great feature is the ability to adjust your contrast ratio to your desired level.  When we watch TV or Movies we want the highest contrast ratio possible, right?  Well, when you are printing your contrast ratio should be much lower.  The typical contrast ratio of a glossy print lies around 200:1.  Matte prints can sometimes be lower than 180:1.  Native monitor contrast is typically between 400:1 all the way up to 600:1.  Bringing down your contrast ratio will allow for better soft proofing and overall image to print evaluation and accuracy.  In the past you would have to purchase a high end monitor to get this feature.

Some other key new features for the i1 Display Pro include a Display Uniformity Test, Numeric Profile Validation, Projector Profiling and Flare Correction.  For more information on the new display calibration device from X-Rite click the following link below.

i1 Display Pro

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